Jay's Case Study

Jay came to Gray Healthcare from a locked hospital setting where he had been accommodated in a single person setting for many years.  Jay was diagnosed with autism and a learning disability and found it difficult to live alongside others due to his sensory needs. A suitable environment was key to enable Jay’s behaviour to be supported, as was a trained staff team. The team identified a property back in Jay’s home area closer to his family - a bungalow in a quiet street but close to local amenities.  Gray Healthcare worked in collaboration with Jay’s commissioning team and his family, and consulted with the existing provider to design the specification for his new bungalow which required adapted fixtures and fittings to meet his needs, and a team of staff were recruited, overseen by Jay’s family. Jay’s support package was set up and is overseen by the multidisciplinary team. Following a structured transition involving a period of in reach into the hospital, Jay successfully moved into his new home where he now has his own tenancy. He is supported around the clock by his staff team and is enjoying an active life, accessing the community on a daily basis and re-establishing a close relationship with his family.