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Our bespoke support packages
achieve great outcomes and reduce costs.


Bespoke packages

We work with individual people to create a bespoke package of support, tailored to their needs, to enable them to live independently in the community. We do not create services.

Our package of support offers clinically-informed care and support in a person’s own home. We have an excellent team of healthcare professionals who work around the clock to ensure that people are provided with the best support possible. Our front-line workers include highly skilled support workers and team leaders who use their extensive knowledge and skills to plan and deliver support based on a person's needs and desired outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary clinical team includes Occupational Therapists, Mental Health and Learning Disability Nurses, Community specialist district nurses, Learning Disability Nurses, a Psychologist and Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners.

We are a national provider with an infrastructure that enables us to sustainably provide bespoke support for people with complex needs throughout England.

Tailored accommodation and support staff

We work with a number of key housing providers to ensure that when a property is needed we can assist with finding appropriate choices and solutions.  Supplying an accommodation solution is not our key area of expertise. We believe fundamentally in the appropriate separation of support and housing. 

We will work with property experts and specialists to ensure that the housing solution is right for the person.  If special adaptations, refurbishments and alterations are required, we can offer advice based on our knowledge and experience providing support in robust and adapted accommodation.

Recruiting a staff team is truly a collaborative process where we will work with the person and their family to identify who they want to the be supported by. We then make sure the individual is as involved in the recruitment process as possible, whether that’s by helping to shortlist and interview their own staff or meeting people who have successfully passed a pre-agreed assessment process. Once recruited the team will then in reach into the current care placement so that when they are ready to transition to their new home they have a team of people they know and feel confident and comfortable with. This also ensures the staff team learn about the person and their needs, interests and ambitions.

Our initial support is usually as a minimum from 1:1 staffing 24/7 up to 3:1, enabling people with extremely complex support needs to live independently in their own home.