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Our bespoke support packages

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Bespoke packages

We are a national provider of bespoke support packages for people with mental health and learning disability needs. We operate extensively throughout England. We do not create services, instead we work with individual people and create a bespoke package of support, tailored to their needs, to enable them to live independently in the community. We specialise in working with people who have complex needs, often experienced long inpatient treatment journeys and who require enhanced levels of support.

We strongly believe that no one should remain in a locked treatment environment for a day longer than is needed and we work with CCGs and Local Authorities throughout England to achieve this. As we are a national provider, we have an infrastructure that enables us to operate throughout England, at pace, to meet the needs of people. The packages of support we provide are all bespoke and tailored to individual people’s needs.

Tailored services

We work with individuals to identify what type of property they want to live in and where. We will then support them to find a property and oversee any refurbishments or alterations that are required. Recruiting a staff team is truly a collaborative process where we will work with individuals and their family to identify who they want to the be supported by. We then make sure the individual is as involved in the recruitment process as possible, whether that’s by helping to shortlist and interview their own staff or meeting people who have successfully passed a pre-agreed assessment process. Once recruited the team will then in reach into the current care placement so that when they are ready to transition to their new home they have a team of people they know and feel confident and comfortable with.

We currently support people with a range of needs, including physical health care needs as a secondary need to a primary mental health or learning disability need. Our packages range from 1-1 staffing 24/7 through to 4-1 staffing, enabling people with extremely complex support needs to live independently in their own home.