Peter's Case Study

Peter is a 65-year-old Gentleman who first came to Gray Healthcare 7 years ago, Peter has a diagnosis of acquired brain injury and Korsakoff syndrome, with elements of organic personality disorder & Asperger syndrome. Peter has a significant forensic history that has been influenced by his history of abusing alcohol. Subsequent cognitive decline due to the alcohol consumption had left Peter with a degenerative condition that was leading to vulnerabilities. Losing his parents lead to hoarding and repetitive behaviours and chronic lack of motivation. When Peter first came to GHC he had extremely limited abilities in daily living skills with assessed risk indicators being high scoring in areas of Self neglect and social vulnerability.

Prior placements had been for sustained length of time in institutionalised care. Peter also has bi-lateral ulcers on both of his legs which came with significant risk to health. Successes have included Peter establishing strong therapeutic relationships with the staff team, building trust, none judgemental support, whilst ensuring alcohol abuse was reduced and ceased. His medical care re treatment pathway for Korsakoff was aligned to lessen any further deterioration. Peter attends his appointments each week to maintain good infection control for his legs and minimise Peters risk of infection.

Suitable accommodation was sourced prior to discharge but aids and adaptations have been key to align to physical health needs, to maintain personal hygiene motivations. Wet room referrals have been supported by the Occupational therapy team at GHC and has been fundamental in advocating for Peters- Statement of Wishes- to remain in his own home and maintain his independence. This coupled with his sister’s ability to visit him is extremely important to Peter. Peter enjoys being responsible for his cat who he dotes on and loves dearly. Peter actively visits his local community at least 3 times a week, engaging in activities such as going to watch local Rugby and football matches, as he is a keen sports fan! Trips nationwide are a testament to the support team and Peter. He talks fondly on return of the days out and reminisces on experiences as a younger man. Peter likes to go for meals with his staff team and does this at least once a week with staff support. As a team the team use motivational techniques to support Peter to do the things he wants to do via the creation of a mystery trio box, where Peter places a number of local areas/activities of interest into a colourful ball in a colourful box, and he chooses at random a place to go, his latest venture was the local aquarium. The significant impact this has on his motivation levels has been second to none. He doesn’t have to think/worry/concern/choose- just pick a ball Peter reports his life has improved since being with GHC, he has worked hard to improve the areas of life we identified the greatest needs. Peter no longer needs OT input in to his package, and our RMN visits have reduced to once a week.