Lindsay's Case Study

Lindsay had a long history in the care system, being adopted as a child due to a traumatic background of abuse. At the age of 17 she was admitted to hospital and detained under the Mental Health Act, and spent several years in and out of hospital, with a number of placements in residential homes which broke down. Lindsay found it difficult to live safely in the community due to her vulnerabilities and extensive self harm and also found activities of daily living very difficult.  Gray were asked to develop a bespoke package of care to ensure Lindsay was able to receive the support she required to develop her independent living skills and keep her safe in the community. Lindsay’s care was overseen by the psychology team to ensure the staff approach was psychologically informed and trauma focused, and Gray worked with external agencies such as A&E and her mental health team to ensure support systems were in place. The Gray Property team found a place in supported housing for Lindsay, where she now lives with her own tenancy. Lindsay very quickly became empowered to make her own decisions and learnt how to protect herself and maintain safe relationships. She has learned skills that were important to enable her to have her own home, maintain her tenancy and budget her own finances. Lindsay’s goal of having a long term relationship was achieved and she is now living with her partner in a supportive and positive relationship.